12 - 13 September 2015


Between 400 and 500 people came to the church to see the amazing flower arrangements created by members of the Colchester Group of Flower Arranging Clubs. About 15 clubs, as well as Aldham Church and Aldham W.I. contributed to the theme Celebration representing ages and stages in ordinary life and in the life of the church. The event was in aid of The Alzheimer’s Society and church fabric repairs. The total raised was £4,997.46 just a whisker under £5K. £2,068 has been sent to The Alzheimer’s Society and £2,929 has gone to the Church Fabric Repair Fund. The weekend was finished off with lusty singing at a well-attended Songs of Praise. The success of the festival was due to a huge effort across and beyond the Village. The Flower Arranging Clubs, without whom the festival would not have happened, not only arranged most of the displays, but also raised at least two-thirds of the cost of the flowers. We are very grateful to them, as we are to the helpers in the church, the churchyard and the Village Hall who created the festival atmosphere. Thanks are also due to those who, behind the scenes, enabled the event to be publicised in and around Aldham.