Christian Youth Outreach

We support CYO because it offers the most effective way to present the Christian message to schools across the Colchester area. CYO has received invitations to work in most of the secondary schools in Colchester. It has created a number of projects that help young people to grow in life and faith.

Sanctum - a sacred space in school

Sanctum is an interactive prayer space that’s set up for a week giving students an opportunity to think about their lives through a whole variety of creative and reflective activities. Students visit as part of an RE lesson or at break or lunchtime.

Sanctum achieves a number of objectives including giving young people an open-ended approach to exploring prayer for themselves, as well as the therapeutic benefit of taking time out to think about their lives in a positive way. It makes a distinctive contribution to the teaching of RE and to Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural development and is a regular event in the life of many Colchester Schools.

Read more about CYO Sanctum here.

Chaplaincy - pastoral support and spiritual development in schools.

Chaplaincy allows us to make a unique contribution to the lives of young people in schools and colleges by being there every week, not just as visitors but as part of the staff team. This role includes two distinct but complementary aspects.

When life gets difficult, as school or at home, our chaplains can provide just the right level of support for a young person. The gift of time, typically about 20 minutes a week, is often all that’s needed for a student to talk over what’s going on and to work towards positive outcomes.

All of our chaplains work within the pastoral care structure of the school or college.

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“Beloved is a six week course that helps Year 9 girls grow in confidence and self esteem. Each week the course addresses key topics using discussion, videos and activities. Topics include "Being a Girl", "Beauty and the Media" and "Relationships". We challenge the idea that beauty is based on your dress size and your value relies on how you look. We encourage all girls to know they are valued and to believe that there is nothing holding them back from achieving awesome things!

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